Making your dream ideas a reality.

Nicholas Frey

Crafting iOS apps and web front-end, I'm a indie-rocking student developer and hackathon enthusiast from the Midwest.

Jonathan Mazaltov

Beautifying what you see. I also have a tendency of walking aimlessly, while photographing the surrounding world.

Spencer Neitzke

Assembling what's behind the scenes of apps and websites, you can always find me burning the midnight oil.


Univo provides services for designing and developing websites and mobile applications. From start to finish, we're here to transform your idea into a fully working product, paying close attention to each and every detail.

Drop us a line, and the following three-step process will take place:

1 Agreement

First, we discuss your needs. We guide you through creating a Project Specification, which outlines the requested services in detail and helps us understand the overarching scope of your project. Finally, a timeframe is agreed upon and a quote is formulated.

2 Prototyping

Before beginning the production process, we want to come up with a base design that aligns with your vision for the project. Wireframes — sketches of the layout of your future website or mobile app — are crafted and presented to you for comments.

3 Final Product

The full visual design is fleshed out while development commences. Before long, what once was just an idea is now fully interactive.

We're dedicated to ensuring a quick and simple process.